Animated Videos: Uncomplicating the Complicated

Animated Videos: Uncomplicating the Complicated

When it comes to marketing complicated products and services, you may feel like you know all the features and benefits of your offer but it can be difficult to communicate your offer to potential customers in a clear and concise way.

Custom animated videos are one of the most engaging tools you can use when trying to educate your customers or to explain your products and services in greater detail. Using these types of animated video provide a great way to explain your product in a simply and effectively.

In recent years, there has been a powerful shift in online media which has increased the access and prominence to online video. It’s been reported that consumers who watch your videos are 73% more likely to buy, and that consumers want brands to use more video content in the sales process.

In this article we explain 3 ways that animated videoes can help you to uncomplicate complicated products and services.

Provide an Explainer of Your Products and Services To Your Customers
A picture is worth a thousand words, which means with video it can be even easier to more accurately define a concept or explain how your product works to your audience.

For example, we can help to make your product less complicated through the use of an animated instructional whiteboard video, or by using a more complicated custom animation tailored specifically to suit your needs.

Incorporating an animated video on your website will increase customer satisfaction as 4 out of 5 customers find these types of explainer video helpful and mention that these animated videos can provide a useful, easy to understand overview of your products and services.

Animated explainer videos will also help your marketing and sales efforts with reports showing an increase in conversion by up to 144%when used in combination with effective landing pages.

Do a short introduction of the company, its mission, brand values and vision

Brands are complicated things, and with so many of them out there it can be hard to communicate yours effectively to your audience.

Creating an animated video that explains your company’s story, who you are and your brands’ core values can be a great way to simplify what can otherwise be quite complicated.

Animated video allows your brand personality shine through, and help your customer get a more accurate picture just who and what you are.

Tell the Story of How Your Products & Services Helped your Customers

With animated testimonial videos, your company has a novel way to show potential customers real examples of the value that your product or service could bring to them.

Satisfied customers can become your brands greatest advocates, therefore it is crucial to share inspiring or successful stories of customers interacting with your products as this is one of the core ways to generate consumer trust.

Audiences feel safer when they can see your products applied to a relevant context that suits them and their business, which is why an animated testimonial can help greatly in helping convert your prospects.

By framing the benefits of your services as a customer testimonial story, your audience can see that it’s helped others like them, making your product or service more relatable, and thus easier for them to buy.

Could an animated video help uncomplicate your complicated products and services? If you’d like to talk more, simply get in touch to see how DoodleDirect can help to better explain your business to potential customers.