Animation: more versatile than you think

Animation: more versatile than you think

Video is one of the most versatile communication mediums on the planet. It is also one of the most consumed, plus it can be consumed anywhere, anytime. It can be any length, it can tell stories with or without sound, it can be on the small screen (a smartphone), the big screen (cinema advertising still packs a punch, illiciting a heightened emotional response) and all the screens in between. Video stimulates minds, hearts and emotions to connect with viewers on a number of levels. It’s because of all this, that video is one of the most powerful engagament and sales tools available to marketers today.

But, what about animation? Can animated video really do all this? Can animated video help me find customer? Make sales? Or promote a new product range?

Yes, it can! Yes, we can!

If you’re wondering how you can use video in your content marketing, we’ve put together a few suggestions here that might spark an idea!

1. Demonstrate a website or app

If you’ve built a new website, or invested in an App, you want people to use it, right? A video demonstrating the purpose and purpose of an app, pointing out key features and selling points is an easy and effective way to engage and educate your customers from the off. A demo of your digital platforms can get your customers onboard and reduce latency.

2. Create a whiteboard explainer video for your service or product

Whiteboard animations or explainer videos are some of the best known types of animation for content marketing. Whilst they are not always appropriate for every business or tone of voice, they are particularly useful for professional services or for explaining intangible services – such as web based or digital products. The typical pace of a whiteboard animation keeps viewers enagaged whilst communicating a lot of information.


3. Produce a unique annual report, project report or statistical document

Statistics can often be difficult to engage with, it is a very particular skill to get an audience to engage with a process a lot of data and figures. When it comes to the end of the year, the end of a project or the end of a research paper, an animated infographic can be a stand-out way to wow your audience, board or stakeholders. An animated infographic can convey data heavy topics, statistical information and research findigs in a visual and engaging way – meaning your hard work is more likely to be understood and remembered.

4. Tell the story of your brand, it’s founders, your ethos

2D and 3D motion graphic animations are essentially about creating a whole world in which your audience buy in to. Many household names are using 3D motion graphic animation in their TV advertising now to great effect. This type of animated marketing video useful if you want to create a rich narrative, telling stories in this format is great, engaging with audiences and connecting with them on an emotional level is a fantastic use of 2D and 3D animations. It’s extremely verstaile and uses state of the art technology, so if you’re looking to make a splash with your video – go for this!

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