Tips and tricks for better corporate animation.
  • So, you’ve created a video for your business, product, service or idea. Great stuff! You’re well on the way to harnessing the power of video, and who knows, maybe you’ll

  • For many marketers, video marketing may well be one of the newest tools in your repertoire. Perhaps you’re yet to take the plunge, wondering does video marketing work, i

  • In a few years time, you wouldn’t even click on this article. You’d be watching the video. Video marketing is the poster child for content marketing, with 20

  • What is 2D Animation? 2D animation is one of the most commonly used forms of animation today, along with 3D animation and motion graphics. To describe it as akin to the

  • Minimalist animation for business Like any creative industry, the animation and design sectors see a range of trends, new techniques, new technologies, and new styles. I

  • What is a whiteboard animation? A whiteboard animation, sometimes called a doodle-video, or whiteboard doodle, is effectively, a series of sketches that, are, usually

  • Animated typography (sometimes called kinetic typography… basically, text that moves) is great! It’s one of our favourite types of animation, as it can be used to convey

  • Whiteboard animation videos have become incredibly popular online over the past decade because they are an aesthetically pleasing way to communicate a multitude of messa

  • Animated explainer videos are used by all sort of brands and organisations, large and small, b2b or b2c – to communicate a message, new product or service in an attracti