Tips and tricks for better corporate animation.
  • Whiteboard animation videos have become incredibly popular online over the past decade because they are an aesthetically pleasing way to communicate a multitude of messa

  • Animated explainer videos are used by all sort of brands and organisations, large and small, b2b or b2c – to communicate a message, new product or service in an attracti

  • The question everyone wants the answer to! The Holy Grail of video marketing. We’re going to stop you right there though, because we think the question you really should

  • Commissioning an animated video is only the beginning. What use is it if your target audience don’t see it. Getting eyes on your video is the next most important thing,

  • “How to make an animated marketing video for my business?” Funnily enough we get asked this question a lot. Which makes sense, because making animated videos

  • Your animation might be finished, but your project isn’t! This is the point at which you must ensure your animation gets in front of the right people. How might you do t

  • Alright, alright, maybe it’s not quite science, but it is a super skilled part of the process. It’s easy to underestimate the work that goes into an animation, or video

  • Okay, let’s get to it, spring is here, it’s a new financial year, so we’re launching Animation April. A month of guiding you through exactly what goes into creating an a

  • Video is one of the most versatile communication mediums on the planet. It is also one of the most consumed, plus it can be consumed anywhere, anytime. It can be any len