DoodleDirect: a new chapter

DoodleDirect: a new chapter

Many of you will know that when DoodleDirect started, 3 years ago, it was a one-woman-band. Our Founder, Kymberlee Jay, solo, in her lounge, working around the clock to deliver animated video for organisations that wanted to speak to their audiences differently.

Then, as now, Kymberlee’s commitment to clients has always been to listen, think and then create something which works! Kymberlee has instilled this ethos throughout the DoodleDirect team as it has grown. Now, a rapidly expanding team, with bases in London and New York, working with a client base that whilst growing, also boasts a 65% retention rate.

You may have noticed we look a little different. So, what’s happening?

Firstly, we have rebranded – visually. No change to our commitment to service, delivery or creatively minded and objective focused animation, but a shiny new look. We hope you like it!

Secondly, we are expanding by specialising. Over the years, our team has gained a great deal of experience in the Internal Communications sector, we’ve invested in developing our skill set in that sector and now we have a specialised team working only on animated video for Internal Communications.


Because we believe employees are just as important as paying customers, and they also consume media and content in exactly the same way. We know that videos are more likely to be remembered because humans process visual 60,000 times quicker than words alone. So why send an email or printed document to inform your workforce when we KNOW that a video will engage more people, is more likely to be remembered and importantly, is more likely to be acted upon.

Fear not, our existing DoodleDirect team of experts in b2c marketing and animated video for customers, are still very much part of the plan.

Animation for Marketing

We have a team that knows exactly how to reach your audience, they can advise you on how animated video can enhance your existing marketing plan or help you build a campaign around animated video that helps you reach, excite and activate customers or potential customers. Find out more about Animated Video for Marketing.

Animation for Internal Communications

We know how powerful a motivated and committed workforce can be. Animated video for internal communications or b2e (business-to-employee) can inspire and engage your employees, stakeholders and team members in ways email or the Intranet simply cannot. Our team are specialists in animated video designed to speak to or motivate your team. Find out more about Animated Video for Internal Communications.

Sure, we can make you a video, but we’d rather be part of your team – working together as an integrated part of your communications process; be that internal or external communications. We pride ourselves on understanding your business, your objectives, your goals and also, your challenges. It’s our job to help you solve those challenges with creative and effective animated video.

So, if you have any questions about our expansion, our rebrand, or animated video for your internal and external marketing needs, do feel free to drop us a line.