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Explainer video production

Video has the power to enhance the image of a brand, convey an idea, portray a message or communicate information. Here at DoodleDirect we are talented team of illustrators, copywriters and animators who are ready to use our creative flair and explainer video production expertise to help you demonstrate a prototype, explain an idea or educate your colleagues.

Kinetic typography

Whatever you need to explain our services are designed to help you do it in a way that’s imaginative, engaging and inspirational. Kinetic typography – or infographic information – is a winning way to combine text and motion, allowing your audience to read your script whilst it unfolds before them on a screen. Widely considered to be far more engaging than static text alone, kinetic typography places the emphasis squarely on key phrases to drive your message home.

Here at DoodleDirect we’ve worked on a wide range of kinetic typography projects and our explainer video productions have been successfully used in educational and presentational settings.

Whiteboard animation

Whiteboard animations are clear, dynamic illustrated videos that are drawn quickly onto a white background. The perfect way to educate, present complex ideas or advertise a product or service, whiteboard animations offer an engaging way to get your message across.

Our team of animators and illustrators are experts in this form of video explainer production and will work hard to create a hand-drawn bespoke whiteboard animation that’s as unique as your product or idea.

2D motion graphics

High impact state-of-the-art motion graphics will grab your audience’s attention and ensure that they stay focused upon your message. A digital animation technique that’s designed to bring a graphic design to life; motion graphics utilise multi-directional movement and rotation. Shapes, colours, patterns and words can all be used to enhance your message, making 2D motion graphics an effective marketing tool for any businesses looking to get ahead.

At DoodleDirect we create unique motion graphics, tailor-made to meet your marketing requirements, giving you the opportunity to make the most of the high-quality graphics normally reserved for big businesses with big budgets.

3D motion graphics and modelling

When it comes to powerful storytelling 3D animation is pretty hard to beat. Here at Doodle Direct we have the expertise to create engaging, stylish 3D motion graphics designed to help you showcase a new product or demonstrate a concept. As specialists in compelling explainer video productions we’ve worked with a wide range of clients, providing sophisticated solutions to represent their ideas and prototypes.

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Here at DoodleDirect we believe in making extra special animation affordable. How do we do it? The answer is pretty simple: we are a virtual company and although we have an office in London, our team are free to work wherever they like – whether it’s sitting on a beach or in their favourite coffee shop. Being a virtual company helps us keep our costs down which means lower prices for our clients.

We’ve worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes but with one thing in common: they’re very happy with our work! If you’d like to find out more about what we do and how we can help you use video animation to get your message across, why not get in touch today? We’d love to hear from you!

Animated Video Production Services

Motion graphics

Using sophisticated animation techniques. Motion Graphics are compelling, state of the art and regularly seen in big budget TV and website advertising campaigns.

Animated infographics

An engaging and visually-rich video animation technique to present technical information, helping to make complex topics eye-catching, shareable and easy to understand.

Whiteboard animation

We’ve all seen them – a simple, often humorous, hand-drawn cartoon style of explainer video using the concept of a whiteboard illustration to convey a thought, idea, product or service.

Website / App demo videos

Help user onboarding and reduce latency and churn for your web service or mobile app with an animated video taking the user through the features of your product.

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