Fifteen Minutes of Fame! How to Make an Animated Marketing Video?

Fifteen Minutes of Fame! How to Make an Animated Marketing Video?

“How to make an animated marketing video for my business?” Funnily enough we get asked this question a lot. Which makes sense, because making animated videos is exactly what we do. We’ve been doing it for years and we love it.

We also believe in its value for marketing, reputation building and sales. Which is why we would always say, unless you’re a professional animator, scriptwriter and storyteller, don’t try and make your own animated video! Which sounds exactly like a plug for DoodleDirect, but it’s not.

Investing in animated marketing content (investing in any externally produced content) is an investment in your business, and the way people perceive your brand. A professionally produced, beautifully designed and expertly written animated video will elevate your business and reputation way beyond the alternative.

We’re firm believers in the phrase, if something’s worth doing it’s worth doing well. Which is why this article isn’t going to tell you how to make a marketing animation for your business.

Instead, we’re going to tell you the three things you need to do to commission a fantastic animated video for your business.

  • Know what you want: Think about the following and get something down on paper: What is the purpose of your video? What do you want people to do as a result of seeing it? What type of animated video would you like? See a selection here. Who are your target audience? How will you measure success?
  • Know your key messages and call to action: Define your key messages – remember, key messages are exactly that, key messages. This means you’re looking to communicate two or three key pieces of information, not ten or twelve! Make sure you know exactly what you want your audience to do after watching your video and make sure you have provisions for them to do it. i.e. if you want them to visit your website for a free quotation, make sure that this is clearly signposted on your website.
  • Do your research: Research animation providers, ask colleagues or connections for personal recommendations, ask to see previous work of anyone you are considering and get some competitive quotes. And remember, cheapest isn’t always best!

What else are you looking for when commissioning an animation for content marketing? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter and we’ll try to answer your questions.