Fifteen Minutes of Fame! What makes a video go viral?

Fifteen Minutes of Fame! What makes a video go viral?

The question everyone wants the answer to! The Holy Grail of video marketing. We’re going to stop you right there though, because we think the question you really should be asking is ‘what will make people want to share this?’ and secondly ‘would I share this?’

As we have talked about in previous posts, making video part of your content marketing is nigh on essential as online video consumption continues to grow and grow.

So, how do you create a video people want to share?

  • Content, is King. Viral videos tend to be surprising, interesting or practical. If your aim is to ‘go viral’, you need to design your animated video content around these markers, and around your audience. This may mean doing things differently to the way in which your brand has usually portrayed itself. Caution: it does not mean deviating from your brand values, it certainly does not mean being gratuitously controversial, lewd or outrageous.
  • Research, is a no-brainer! Who are you trying to target? Who do you want to connect with? This still matters. No matter the marketing activity you are planning, you should always be able to identify the audience you are looking for. Pro-Tip: if you’re not already using Affinity Audiences and In-Market Data on Google Analytics, do so now!
  • Timing, is everything. Keep your videos short and sweet. We think, 25 – 40 seconds if viral is your goal. No lengthy introductions, no logos, no corporate messaging. The idea is to give the audience engaging snippets of content that create buzz, and keep them wanting more. Animation or whiteboard videos can be great for viral videos.
  • Promotion, is essential. Viral videos still need promotion. 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute of every day. Your animated video might have fantastic viral potential, but if no-one knows it exists, does it in fact exist at all?! Utilise all your social media channels to share this content. Email it to your database. And target the communities in which your audience visit or engage with online. Pro-Tip: find influencers in your sector, industry or community who you can share the video with. Buzzsumo is good place place to start.

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