Reasons we love animated typography

Reasons we love animated typography

Animated typography (sometimes called kinetic typography… basically, text that moves) is great! It’s one of our favourite types of animation, as it can be used to convey complex, data heavy information in a way that truly engages your audience, but equally, you can adopt a minimalist style and use it to convey simple, to the point ideas, news or concepts in a dynamic, artistic or striking way.

Aesthetically, animated typography can be truly beautiful, impactful and really grab attention. So, here’s a few videos we like that show you the potential of ‘moving text’…

Ira Glass on Storytelling

This is a great example of how you can add another dimension to simple audio, perhaps you have an interview with someone within your organisation that you want to use as part of your comms, that you want to share with your mailing list – knowing video is much more powerful than copy nowadays, you can use a branded animated typography film to deepen engagement with your message.

Why so serious

This could well be mistaken for out and out promotion for the 2008, Christopher Nolan film The Dark Knight, although it was actually created by a fan. We like this example as it gives a good idea of using the technology to create promotional films for your products or services, imagine a collection of client testimonials, with or without audio (and definitely without the sinister undertones!)

Our story – Punch

Kinetic typography is also great for displaying your credentials; whether its a short film that summarises your organisation’s capabilities, successes, achievements or reports on KPIs – it is a much more audience friendly way of delivering statistics than a piece of print might be. By using music, a voiceover or both, you can much more easily communicate the personality of your organisation too, something that can get lost with print.

Childline – First Step

This is an award-winning animation, which was developed for Childline. It is considered an explainer video, because of its purpose; it is aimed specifically at children and designed to help them understand the feelings they may have as a result of their situation, and how Childline can help. This animation addresses a distressing subject matter delicately and powerfully.

If this has got your creative juices flowing, and you are wondering how to use animation for your business, talk to us about how we can make kinetic typography part of your communications plan; a unique application of this technology is in modernising the annual report, or anything that is traditionally reserved for print, taking it on screen instead.