Five reasons you need a whiteboard video

Five reasons you need a whiteboard video

Whiteboard animation videos have become incredibly popular online over the past decade because they are an aesthetically pleasing way to communicate a multitude of messages and particularly complex ideas or theories.

They have become a favourite in the education sector following the Royal Society of Arts series of whiteboard videos which gained over 50 million views and made the RSA YouTube channel the most popular non-profit channel in the world.

We love whiteboard animations for their simple, engaging style, but they are also ideal for communicating a lot of information, complex theories and ideas or telling a story with several component parts.

Why whiteboard?

  • Simple and Memorable: animated whiteboard videos are especially memorable because of their simplicity. With a whiteboard animation on your website, visitors are around 58% more likely to remember your brand than if you simply fill your page with text and accompanying images.
  • Powerful: because of their striking simplicity, often black and white with just a hint of colour to link to your brand, animated whiteboard videos impress themselves very well on the viewer. Powerful statements can be made with ease as part of the video, particularly with a supporting voiceover.
  • Entertaining: a whiteboard animation is a great way to distinguish your brand and communicate your brand personality; there is room for a sense of humour in whiteboard animations, they lend themselves well to conveying a quirky brand.
  • Persuasive: whether you’re explaining an idea, trying to get people to opt-in to a mailing list, teaching a new language or aiming to make sales, your whiteboard video needs to connect emotionally with your audience to compel them to take action. With the support of a professional script writer and storyboarding team (most animation companies will offer this), you can create a whiteboard video that not only communicates your important messages, but does it in a way that chimes with the viewer.
  • Versatile: You can literally put them anywhere! Your website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, LinkedIn page, even in a newsletter. As we’ve touched on before, video in a e-newsletter will improve your open and click through rates, but they have also been shown to considerably improve conversions; stats range from 20% to 30%, but either way, that’s a conversion rate worth having!

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