How Animated Video Can Help Communicate Your Brand Personality

How Animated Video Can Help Communicate Your Brand Personality

Research by Jennifer Aaker published in the Journal of Marketing Research shows that successful brands differentiate themselves by developing a unique identity, having its own distinct character and maintaining a strong brand personality over time.

This works because consumers personify brands and apply humanistic characteristics to these intangible entities as a way to relate to, and gain a greater understanding of what a brand is all about.

The term “brand personality” refers to the combination of these intangible personality traits and human characteristics held by a brand that are used to shape the perception of an organisation, product or service.

Upon completing her research on brand personality in 1977, Aaker noticed that not only was brand personality fundamental to reaching and appealing to different consumer groups but that brands primarily fell, on average, into one of five personality types – exciting, sincere, rugged, sophisticated or competent. Which one are you?

When a brands products and services match up with their brand personality correctly you can just feel it, but complications can arise when there is dissonance between the ad your audience is being shown and their perception of your brand. How can animated video help you combat this?

Leverage animated video to show your brands personality

When it comes to using animated video, there are a plethora of animation styles to choose from including whiteboard animations, motion graphics & traditional cartoon animations.

The style of your video will help your brand to appeal to different types of audiences; for example, if you are “competent” brand targeting a corporate B2B client with an education or training service; we would recommend a whiteboard explainer video as this can help customers to understand complex topics in a much easier way.

However, if you are an ‘exciting” brand targeting a B2C audience, then a completely different tone of voice is required in order for your ad to resonate with your audience.

Personify your brand with an animated mascot

Personifying your brand with a character or mascot is a great way to help your customers better relate with your brand.

When looking to develop an animated mascot to represent your brand, here are many things to consider such as; what values does your mascot personify? What do they sound/look like? What are their mannerisms?

It is advised to base your mascot around the characteristics of your target market as this will help your audience to connect better with your character and brand personality.

Once your audiences begin to recognise your mascot and trust your brand, you will immediately start to see long-lasting results with customers that have a deep connection with your brand.

Our creative team and expert animators at DoodleDirect can help you devise the perfect brand mascot, just get in touch today to see how we can help to unlock the character of your brand.