How Animated Video Can Help You Create Unskippable Ads

How Animated Video Can Help You Create Unskippable Ads

The first five seconds of an advert on YouTube determines whether you’ve got someone’s attention or not. Marketers are at the peril of the skip button. We’ll explain the logic behind how animated videos can help reduce the number of times your advert gets skipped.

In the past animated video has been mainly reserved for high-end brands with large multi-million-pound marketing budgets. But as technology has advanced, video advertising has become a viable option and powerful marketing tool for small and large businesses alike.

Although video advertising is now more accessible than ever, marketers still aim to be conscientious with their budgets to avoid wastage, which is a problem as new research from Google has shown how people will go to great lengths to avoid advertising.

Consumers try to avoid advertising in all sorts of different ways and in fact, over 50% of all ads are shown when consumers aren’t paying proper attention, Web users will install ad-blockers, TV Viewers will go to another room to get a snack and radio listeners will tune in to a different channel to avoid getting bored.

For advertisers looking to avoid wastage on their ad-spend, YouTube has proven to hold consumer attention around two-thirds longer than on across other advertising channels such as banner advertising & TV.

Because of this, marketers (who ruin everything by the way) have flocked to YouTube in droves in the hopes of capturing a higher degree of audience attention. As a result, over the years there has been a rapid increase in the number of ads placed on the channel and this has contributed significantly to ad fatigue, with consumers to tuning out of advertising as well as skipping any ads presented to them where possible.

Nevertheless, it is still possible for marketers to re-engage these fatigued consumers by creating ads that are truly unskippable. In this article, we discuss four ways you can ensure your YouTube ads are more engaging and capture the attention of your audience.

Keep Your Ads on the Shorter Side

One key finding on YouTube advertising is that consumer attention dwindles significantly the longer the advert.

This means that the video ads that are most successful in attracting the viewer’s attention tend to be on the shorter side of things, in order to maximise and further emphasise the adverts core message and motivate the viewer to click.

Viewers attention starts to wean significantly around the 1m30s mark, therefore it’s advised to keep your animation under the 60-second mark where possible.

Make your ads as interesting as possible

It goes without saying, but avoid being bland at all costs. Use humour, educational facts or valuable, relevant information to engage your audience within the first 5 seconds to greatly reduce the chances of your ad being skipped.

Don’t start your animation off with your brand logo, as the first 5 seconds is where most users consider skipping the ad, therefore, it’s crucial to grab their attention in this phase to avoid your ad being skipped.

Carefully monitor the frequency your ad is shown

One of the biggest mistakes that advertisers can make is showing the same ads over and over again. Constantly replaying the same ads can get pretty really annoying for consumers really fast and rapidly increases the chances that your ad will be skipped.

By frequency capping your ads, you can ensure that your ads will be shown to new people and not seen again and again by the same few users.

For maximum results, industry best practises see 3-4 weekly repetitions of an ad to provide the most effective results. At 5-6 repetitions, consumers may start to find the ad a little annoying, and this is shown in the falling click-through rates at larger levels of ad repetition.

Use interesting royalty-free or licensed music

Although visuals are a large component of your animation, it is also very important to select the right music to get your message across. Studies show that viewers perceive ads with music to be more creative, memorable and informative than those without.

Music is one of the first things your audience will perceive when your ad starts and is a great medium to communicate your brand, compliment your visual elements and create a more compelling viewing experience.

However, one of the major challenges that businesses encounter when it comes to finding the right music for their adverts, is that they often do not have the right resources internally to produce custom music.

One way to get around this is by using royalty free or licensed music, which can unlock a whole new world of creativity for your advertising. For access to thousands of free to use tracks, check out Bensound or search for ‘Royalty Free Music’ on YouTube.

Now you know 4 ways that you can create unskippable video ads, you’ll be ready to start to set up your campaign and see results.


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