How Animated Video Can Streamline Internal Processes

How Animated Video Can Streamline Internal Processes

If you’re considering streamlining internal processes within your business you may want to start by thinking about leveraging digital media, cutting down unnecessary meetings and implementing a document management system to centralise necessary business data.

But did you know you can also streamline your internal processes and communications by using animated video? In fact, these days employees are more engaged with video than with any other type of content and 53% of people want to see more videos in the future.

Keeping streamlined can be vital for the survival of a startup within its first few years. However, it could be argued that it may be even more important for larger companies to remain lean as the margin for inefficiency is often much higher in bigger companies and mistakes could end up costing the business millions.

In this article, we discuss three ways you can use animated video to streamline your business’s internal processes and increase the overall productivity of your organisation:

  • Using Video to Support a New Product Launch

In larger multinational organisations, it can be significantly more difficult to explain new products and business developments to each individual employee.

When a big company launches a new product, they want every member of staff to be in the loop, from marketing executives to front-line personnel.

One of the most efficient ways to quickly get all employees on board with the new product launch is to distribute an animated explainer video internally which will give staff an opportunity to get acquainted with new developments within the business.

  • Internal Process Videos

One of the main benefits of animated video is that is can help to make complicated topics much easier to understand. Because of this, it is not a surprise to hear that 71% of businesses have used video as a way to engage with employees and a large majority intend to continue to do so in future.

Over time your animated could go on to get future employees up to speed with your organisation, which ultimately means you will continue to accrue savings on training costs for years to come.

Keeping a well-managed playlist of videos that staff can reference at their own convenience will empower your employees with the knowledge required to perform better at their day-to-day tasks.

  • Standardising Internal Communications with Animated Video

Over the years, the effectiveness of an organisation’s internal communication has been one of the main indicators of overall business success.

When standardising internal communication, video can be an incredibly powerful tool that can be administered much cheaper than traditional methods such as group training or conferences.

With animated video as a main driver of your corporate communications, you can make sure that the same message reaches everyone in your organisation simultaneously, which ensures that all employees will be on the same page.

Even better, those who watch your internal animated videos will retain much more than employees trained using other methods. Meaning animated video can ultimately be much more productive for your business than a weekly team email has ever been!

If you’d like to know more about how animated video can help streamline internal processes at your business, get in touch with us today.