How to Create a Profitable Animated Video Marketing Campaign on Social Media

How to Create a Profitable Animated Video Marketing Campaign on Social Media

If you are a small business owner, a marketing manager or otherwise responsible for the overall growth of your business; you’ll want to pin down an effective marketing strategy as early as possible.

If you’ve done your research, you’ve probably heard a lot about video marketing over the last few years as well as the powerful effects that it has had for businesses who are looking to take their digital marketing efforts to the next level.

In 2018 it was reported that Pepsi made $13.50 for every $1 spent on video advertising across Facebook, YouTube and other platforms across the web.

These results aren’t just exclusive to large multinationals either, due to the new advertising tools available to marketers, anyone can run a video advertising campaign to promote their business.

Small businesses can also benefit massively from the robust targeting features and social demographics tools on offer, making it it is easier than ever to focus in on a hyper-niche, local audiences.

But how is it done? How can you create a profitable video marketing campaign using the power of animated video? In this video we run through some suggested best practises for communicating and positioning your brand on social media using animated video marketing.

Figure Out Your Incentive or Offer

Over the years we’ve helped run hundreds of video marketing campaigns on social media and during this time what we have discovered is that one of the core predictors of the success of your campaign ultimately lies in your offer or value proposition.

One way to figure out your value proposition, is to put yourself in the shoes if the customer by thinking “what can I gain by clicking this ad?” or alternatively, “how does my ad set me apart from competition?”

If you are looking for a simple incentive, you could try offering a temporarily discounted rate on your products & services or adding in some extra value exclusively to those who see the ad.
Your offer or incentive is the point of differentiation between your brand and your competitors and could be the deciding factor for your customer to choose you.

Once your offer is in place, it’s time to work on communicating it as effectively as you can to your audience and this is where animated video comes in..

Creating an amazing animated video is an entire process in and of itself, and unless you have your own media production department, you’ll often find that you cannot match the quality of professional animated videos internally.

There are several decisions and a great deal of skill that go into creating a stunning animated video that truly stands out from the crowd. You need to consider storytelling, colour schemes, casting the right voice actors, producing fluid animation and much, much more.

If your video content is not high quality, then your brands credibility could suffer. Therefore, if you are looking for your campaign to be profitable in the long term it is always worth investing more in to your marketing assets at an early stage, as these are one of the main ways that people will find out about your business online.

Additionally, a great animated video can provide value to your business for years to come and can be used in a variety of ways such as on social media, on your landing page, in mailshots, on your company website and much much more.

If you’d like to check out some examples of our previous campaigns to help you get inspired, visit our portfolio.

Create a Landing Page to Funnel Audiences Through and Collect Customer Information

Now you’ve got your core message, and a video that reinforces your offer and encourages viewers to click. But where do visitors go once they have clicked your ad? To your custom landing page that is optimised for conversion of course.

Landing pages target a specific audience with something of value (the offer from stage one) and aims to collect customer information through a lead capture form.

Used effectively, landing pages are an indispensable part of your overall digital marketing strategy and can help businesses to collect more precise information on their target audience.

The core goal of your landing page is to assist funneling your audience from anonymous video views to real. Individual and GDPR compliant leads who give you permission to reach out and remarket to them again in the future.

Set Up Your Ad, See Your Traffic Skyrocket and Optimise for Further Results

You’ve now got three of the four fundamental components of your campaign ready; your original offer, your animated explainer video and your landing page designed to captures customer leads.

However, unless you’ve got a very active social media following it can be relatively difficult to drive traffic to your page in the early stages without paid advertising.

Depending on your organic reach and levels of engagement, some leads may trickle in organically from time to time. But if you are looking for a bigger marketing push then paid social media advertising is one of your most powerful method of distributing your video.

One of the main benefits of social media advertising is it allows you to hone in on your target audience and choose very granularly the specific people that you would like your video to be shown too.

You can target users by the standard demographic functions such as genders, profession etc, but what is more interesting is some of the psychographic targeting available on the platform that really allows you to hone in on your audience more specifically.

Nevertheless, some people may find setting up paid advertising campaigns on social media to be a little intimidating or frustrating at first. So it can help to bring in additional support to make sure that your campaign is running top notch.

However if you are more inclined to take a hands-on approach, check out these 5 advanced tips for optimising video advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.


And there you have it, the four components required to create a profitable animated video marketing campaign on social media.

However, the work doesn’t stop here. It is important to carefully monitor the way that your audience’s response to your campaign in order to identify possible ways to tweak your messaging, video content, landing page or campaign targeting to better suit your overall marketing goals.

Need a video for your upcoming social media marketing campaign? Get in touch! We’d be happy to talk you through your options.