How Video Can Be Used to Gain More B2B Business Leads

How Video Can Be Used to Gain More B2B Business Leads

For businesses looking to grow their online traffic, video can be an especially powerful tool for gaining new B2B leads.

In this article, we’re going to discuss how you can grow your traffic, get more email subscribers and generate more leads for your business using animated video.

  • Create an eye-catching headline

Draw potential viewers to your video with a catchy headline that reinforces the benefit that they stand to gain from watching your video.

The video title is crucial to getting them to click through, some good examples of catchy video titles designed to increase click-through rates are listed below, so try to use these as a guideline when creating your own.


“Quick, Easy, Low Calorie Cake Recipes for Vegans”
“The 8 SEO Tips to Transform Your Business”
“Is Artificial Intelligence All It’s Cracked Up To Be?”

If you are struggling to come up with effective titles for your videos, try using Google’s Keyword Planner suggestion tool or websites such as AskTheSeeker &

These tools can assist with identifying trending topics that users are already searching for and can help you to find topic niches with strong SEO potential.

  • Use a branded intro or outro reel

It would be a shame for your company to put their time, effort and resources into creating compelling visual content for users to end up not knowing who made the video.

One way to alleviate this is by using a branded intro or outro reel which is displayed on every one of your videos to let visitors who exactly who you are.

If you look at many of the large creators on YouTube and Facebook, they often always have a branded pre-rolls or outro reels on all of their videos to help them to develop a consistent tone of voice across all of their content.

  • Include your business name and info

In addition to an opening or exit reel, you should also ensure to include your business’s name and information in each video or at least within the video description.

Because your video can appear to anyone within the search results, you never know who will find your content or how much they already know about your business.

Therefore, it is much safer to assume that people watching your video know very little about your business, so it is important to include vital information such as your website URL, business name and how you can be contacted in case any viewers are interested in your products and services.

  • Ensure your content is informative, inspiring or entertaining to your audience

This is a key part of ensuring the success of your B2B video campaign. As a general rule of thumb, it is advised to focus directly on the value you can provide the viewer and to avoid coming across as too salesy or overtly advertising your products.

First, demonstrate upfront value, explain and show what you know and then you can focus on asking for something in return – i.e. sign-up, click through, phone call etc.

  • Finally, your call to action!

Once you’ve caused your visitor to click your video, find out who your business is and absorb your content, you are finally in a good position to make the ask.

The goals of your B2B campaign will differ from project to project, however, be it a click to on a landing page, asking users to sign up to a mailing list or enter a competition, you are now ready to funnel them through to the next stage of your campaign.

It is important when you are displaying your call to action, not to muddy the waters with too many different requests.

It’s easy to want to ask the viewer to like, subscribe, click the link, share and sign up to your list, but in reality, you are much more likely to achieve your desired action if you limit the number of places people need to go after consuming your video.

And there you have it, 5 tips to using video to gain new B2B leads for your business. If you are looking for an animated explainer video to help you start the process of gaining new leads, get in touch with the DoodleDirect team today.