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Although it might sound simple, talking to your team and getting an important message across can sometimes seem like an uphill struggle for many businesses and organisations. Using internal video to communicate with your employees offers an effective way to resolve this problem, providing you with a tried and test way to increase engagement and productivity.

Internal communications video production services from Doodle Direct

Here at Doodle Direct we have a talented team who are specialists in helping businesses and organisations use video to talk to their employees. From infographics and whiteboard animation, through to 3D motion graphics and kinetic typography, we provide effective solutions designed to motive and engage.

The power of internal video communications

If you’re uncertain about the benefits of using video for internal video for communication; we believe that the evidence speaks for itself. Unlike ‘traditional’ forms of workplace communication, your team are far more likely to view a video than read a lengthy email, training manual or procedure update. If you’re still not convinced; just consider the impact that video streaming services such as YouTube have had – long-gone are the days when we’re content to read through a lengthy instruction manual when we could view a demonstration video instead.

Video speaks to us in a way that the written word can’t as it’s personal, human and relatable. In a nutshell, talking to your team using internal video communication is the next best thing to being there yourself and offers a range of benefits including:

  • Video can be viewed anytime or anywhere on a wide range of devices making it ideal for bringing your team together regardless of how far apart they might be.
  • The perfect solution for keeping your team updated on all sorts of important issues including policy changes, product updates, human resources issues, team building exercises and more.
  • Video offers a clean, distraction-free training tool, ready and available for your team to view whenever they like.
  • The world of work is changing and many employees are no longer content to accept goals and targets issued by a faceless being! Talking to them via video adds value to your message, creating that all-important personal touch and encouraging engagement.
  • Video offers an efficient form of communication that’s designed to encourage efficiency in the workplace. The majority of us are visual learners which means that your team are far more likely to take in what you have to say in a video than a lengthy written document.
  • Instead of getting management teams together in one location, why not convey important updates through video? Cheaper and logistically easier than lengthy management meetings, video communications are designed to be digested at your team’s leisure.

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We work with organisations and businesses of all shapes and sizes, from The Food Standards Agency, Knight Frank and Vauxhall, through to SME’s and fledgling start ups. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you get the best from your team and improve staff motivation and engagement, why not get in touch with us today?

Animated Video Production Services

Motion graphics

Using sophisticated animation techniques. Motion Graphics are compelling, state of the art and regularly seen in big budget TV and website advertising campaigns.

Animated infographics

An engaging and visually-rich video animation technique to present technical information, helping to make complex topics eye-catching, shareable and easy to understand.

Whiteboard animation

We’ve all seen them – a simple, often humorous, hand-drawn cartoon style of explainer video using the concept of a whiteboard illustration to convey a thought, idea, product or service.

Website / App demo videos

Help user onboarding and reduce latency and churn for your web service or mobile app with an animated video taking the user through the features of your product.

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