Keep it simple with minimalist animation

Keep it simple with minimalist animation

Minimalist animation for business

Like any creative industry, the animation and design sectors see a range of trends, new techniques, new technologies, and new styles.

In 2016 and 2017, across the design industry we’ve seen beautiful, almost artistic, minimalist animations that still manage to perfectly convey key messages, complex ideas and product information, whilst looking exquisite.

This, by Buck (the same team that created that powerful Childline typography video we talked about recently) for Apple. Using kinetic typography and minimalist iconography, this is so ‘Apple’.

When done correctly, minimalist animation can make a huge impact, we are subject to so many pieces of information on a day-to-day basis, so many advertising messages, multiple screens – an abundance of stimulus. So, when something usually simple presents itself, perhaps we are more likely to pay attention?

If you’re wondering whether a minimalist style animation could work for your business, consider these key pointers:

  • In a minimalist animation, every colour, every image, every line, every word must have a reason for being there. Can you be ruthless enough to cut down your key messages and pare back your visuals?
  • There must be contrast in minimalist animation, the most obvious representation of this is black and white, but it can also be contrasting typefaces for example
  • Space, space, space. You will notice in minimalist design that space is essential. It gives your content space to be impactful and to ‘breathe’, it also enables that harmonious and smooth feel that many minimalist animations have.
  • Keep it simple. Focus on one key image if you’re using images, keep the number of colours you use to two or three or stay within a particular colour hue.
  • Voiceover or sound? If you’re using a voiceover it is essential to keep to the minimalist principles, be aware that it may detract too much from the visuals and therefore a sound-bed might be more suitable.

Want to know more? Then talk to us about keeping it simple with minimalist animation.