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Motion graphics London

Motion graphics are a powerful way to bring a flat-looking graphic design to life and as specialists in motion graphics in London, here at DoodleDirect we can help you engage with your audience, keeping them hooked from the word go.

2D Motion Graphics

Using 2D motion graphics is a highly-contemporary way to make an animation stand out from the rest. At DoodleDirect we use 2D motion graphics to bring graphic designs to life by using multi-directional movement and rotation. 2D motion graphics use shapes, colours, patterns and words to convey a high-impact message; providing the perfect solution for any business looking to use animated video to get ahead of the competition.

Here at DoodleDirect we know from experience that 2D motion graphics offer an unbeatable way to communicate a brand image or corporate message. Every animation sequence we create is uniquely tailored towards the requirements of the client to create superb quality artistic video content at an affordable price.

2D Motion Graphics with Characters

Our motion graphics design services are available to clients in London and 2D motion graphics which include characters offer a superb way to target your message directly to your audience. Audiences find it much easier to identify with characters and using motion graphics in this way encourages clear communication, whilst highlighting the solutions your business can provide.

3D Motion Graphics

3D motion graphics will take an animation to the next level, helping you engage with your audience whilst showcasing your products or services to their very best advantage. We’ve worked with a diverse range of companies both here in the UK and overseas and we know from experience that 3D motion graphics offer a highly effective way to represent ideas or prototypes in any situation where the audience are asked to envisage a product or concept.

How we work

Here at DoodleDirect we are a team of talented, experienced animation specialists and although we are a virtual company, we have an office based in London. Our motion graphic design services are available wherever you are in the world and because we’re not tied to working in one place, our team have the freedom to get to work wherever is best for their creativity – whether sitting on the beach or their office.

DoodleDirect’s copywriters, animators and illustrators have the ideas to bring your product, services or concept to life and regardless of the scale of your project, we’ll work hard to help you engage with your audience and tell your story.

Contact us on 0207 183 3454

If you’re looking for a talented team with the expertise to offer the very best motion graphics in London, why not get in touch today? Whether you’re a multi-national business or a fledgling start-up, we’d love to hear from you. We’ll use a combination of the latest animation techniques and state-of-the-art gadgetry to make sure you convey your message to the right people in the right way.

Animated Video Production Services

Motion graphics

Using sophisticated animation techniques. Motion Graphics are compelling, state of the art and regularly seen in big budget TV and website advertising campaigns.

Animated infographics

An engaging and visually-rich video animation technique to present technical information, helping to make complex topics eye-catching, shareable and easy to understand.

Whiteboard animation

We’ve all seen them – a simple, often humorous, hand-drawn cartoon style of explainer video using the concept of a whiteboard illustration to convey a thought, idea, product or service.

Website / App demo videos

Help user onboarding and reduce latency and churn for your web service or mobile app with an animated video taking the user through the features of your product.

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