Animations for Marketing Purposes

Do you require animations for marketing purposes?

When you’re involved with a business it is important to take advantage of the latest trends of your targeted audience, this includes keeping updated with the latest technology. Technology is now ever present, it is everywhere you turn and any business sector you’re working in, you can be sure that technology is relied upon for the daily activities of your work. This is the same for marketing and advertisement purposes for businesses. This is why here at DoodleDirect we take great pride in offering our services to help businesses across the UK in producing some brilliant animations and videos for marketing purposes.

We offer a few cost effective ways to communicate with your users, customers and audiences on a global scale just from the power of animation and video. We have three animation services to meet a range of businesses and marketing needs.
First, our Motion Graphics service – It’ll bring the art of graphic design to life. They’re compelling and intriguing and are often used in big budget advertisement campaigns. Then we have the Whiteboard Animation – The art of creating a story in front of your customer’s very eyes. It’s fast, fun and quick, with a hand-drawn cartoon animation effect. Finally, the Studio1908 – By visiting, you can expect a boutique studio offering exclusive high end animation services. Perfect for corporate clients and medium to large businesses worldwide.

If our services sound of interest to you and your business, then please continue to our order page now to begin working with us, or give us a call on 0207 183 3454 and we will happily answer any questions you have.