Tailored Animations For Businesses

Want to find a company that can offer a tailored animation video for your business? When we say tailored we mean entirely made from scratch and no templates. Here at DoodleDirect we create business animations on a daily basis. As you know animation and especially video is one of the best ways to communicate with customers and an audience. On the internet video has grown into probably the most talked about aspects of the internet. With videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn you cannot get away from them. If videos are everywhere, then why don’t you take advantage of the medium?

We believe in animations here at DoodleDirect and believe that any business out there could have an animation based solely on their business whether it is a how to video for a website of service or even just an advert for your business. DoodleDirect offer two main services that are perfect for all companies out there who want to convey a message to their users; the Whiteboard Animation and the Motion Graphics animation.

The Whiteboard animation allows you to show the fun side of your business. They’re usually fast drawn in the style of a cartoon. These quirky hand drawings will be much more inviting than say a corporate and professional video or bulk of writing. The Motion Graphics animation is fun like the Whiteboard animation but it is much more modern so to speak. The benefit is that the Motion Graphics will slot in perfectly on your website with the ability to move with multi-directional movement and rotation.