2D Motion Graphics Animation


ElectraLink required an animated “explainer” video to facilitate the understanding of their dynamic service offerings, capabilities, expertise, and centralised position in the Energy Industry. They needed something dynamic that described in simple terms what they do as a company, the essential functions of the Data Transfer Service, its interrelationship with the two other business units, and ElectraLink’s supportive position at the centre of the energy market.

In a changing industry, ElectraLink needed to differentiate themselves from other central bodies and the video was created to convince viewers that Electralink is an essential resource for the industry, and the Data Transfer Service is a valuable and unique element of the UK energy market that should be utilised more (i.e. through Energy Market Insights reports)


ElectraLink – https://www.electralink.co.uk


Data Transfer, Governance and Market Insights for the Energy Industry.


2D Motion Graphics

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