Spring Clean Your Content Marketing

Spring Clean Your Content Marketing

This may come as a surprise, (it was to us!), but from 6th – 12th March it is National Spring Cleaning Week in the UK. According to the National Spring Clean Week website, spring cleaning makes you feel Motivated, Changed, Liberated, Pumped Up (arguably the same as Motivated) and Satisfied.

So, what better time to review your content marketing plan and give it a little spring clean in advance of the new financial year! Maybe this is the year to include animated marketing videos in your repertoire?

You may not think you have a content marketing plan, but we’re willing to bet you’re managing a whole range of content. Content marketing, put simply, is the creation and sharing of online material, such as videos, blogs, and social media posts.

Starting a content marketing plan can seem overwhelming, but really it’s all about knowing what stories you can tell about your business and how to tell them.

  • First, brainstorm a list of topics or subjects that your audience might be interested in, content marketing typically does not explicitly promote you brand but is intended to stimulate interest in your products or services.
  • Secondly, think about how those topics might best be explored – will your audience respond to a lengthy article, a social media campaign or perhaps whiteboard video? The channel you use to communicate is just as important as what you’re trying to say.
  • Thirdly, using a planner for the year, map out when you might want to publish the different types of content you are creating – taking into account important business milestones or product launches.
  • Finally, add to your plan key calendar dates from the macro-environment, i.e. could you create relevant content around Mother’s Day, Christmas, Ascot or National Spring Cleaning Week?! Remember, you don’t have to jump on every activity, but if there is synergy between your brand and a national or international occasion, then maximise on it!

Then all you need to do is get cracking with creating and sharing the content itself. Video is some of most well-received content online, audience respond much better to video than any other medium and this is only predicted to increase in 2017 and beyond. If you’re not currently using video in your online marketing, the time is now.

A popular way to tell a story is through a whiteboard video, the versatility and ability to be quirky, humorous and engaging makes it a great addition to a content marketing strategy.

The RSA create regular whiteboard videos to explain different concepts, ideas or theories; whiteboard explainer videos are a critical part of their content marketing strategy and as you can see, they are able to convey complex and detailed ideas in an interesting and compelling way.

If you think a whiteboard animation could spruce up your content marketing this year, then let us show you what we can do!

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