The Psychology of Colour in your Marketing Animation

The Psychology of Colour in your Marketing Animation

Colour affects our emotions.

As we know, emotional responses make for extra special storytelling. You can read our thoughts on that here.

And we believe, that great storytelling is the cornerstone of great content marketing.

For the best marketing animation, you don’t just need to think about scripting, style and storyboarding (all that’s important too), you also need to think about colour. Now, you might have your own brand colours to consider – so some questions to ask yourself are:

  • How do these colours work with the story or messages you’re trying to convey?
  • Is it essential for these colours to be included throughout – or could they simply be in your logo at the beginning or end of your animation?
  • If you’ve chosen to go down the whiteboard animation route, what accent colours can you use to enhance the emotional element of your narrative?

This video from Pixar explains exactly how colour can ramp up the storytelling in your animation. This doesn’t just apply to feature films, it also applies to your animated marketing video.

There are too many studies on how colours have an effect on your customer to reference here, but the main take-away is that colour is just as important as all the other things that go into making the best video marketing for your business. If there are colours or emotions that are key for you, make sure your animation team know all about it – at DoodleDirect our animators are well versed in the psychology of colour and can advise accordingly.

But here’s some quick pointers:

Get in touch with us to talk more about animated video marketing for your business or just to tell us your favourite colour!