Visualising the Workflow with Animated Video

Visualising the Workflow with Animated Video

Whether it’s your internal processes, customer policies or other, repetitive day-to-day tasks that your team is responsible for. It’s important to have a tight workflow in place in order to provide a consistent and reliable service for your customers.

However, It can be somewhat challenging for managers, especially those of larger teams across multiple locations to communicate the correct policies or changes to existing policies in a time and cost-effective manner.

One option would be to hold a meeting or training seminar to discuss the policies with the rest of your team, but depending on the size and scale of your organisation this could require significant investment in terms of time and training resources.

Alternatively, you could send out a mass email with a lengthy policy document to all of the relevant parties in your organisation. This would be significantly cheaper but runs the risk of being ignored or discarded in the busy working day.

For managers looking to avoid the previously aforementioned scenarios, it is important to improve the effectiveness of communication of company workflows and policies without creating a large financial strain on the business.

How Animated Video can Help Workflow Visualisation

  • Saves Time
    The human brain is wired to be able to understand what is going on in a visual scene in just 1/10 of a second, far shorter than the time it takes to read a lengthy corporate policy document.
  • Improves Consistency
    Animated video is a very powerful way to improve your top-down internal communication as it ensures that a consistent experience is provided to each and every employee across locations.
  • Helps to Engage Visual Learners
    Did you know that around 65% of the population are visual learners? This means that the most effective way to get your message across is to use visual assets such as videos, infographics and charts to communicate workflows.
  • Assists Knowledge Retention
    With the implementation of animated video into your training process, you free up your teams to study the material at a time that suits them. This has been proven to improve knowledge retention and lead to higher levels of productive activity.
  • Improves Access to Training Materials
    Trends show 75% of executives watch work-related videos outside of the office. This means that it is possible to reach your staff that may be interested in personal development outside of usual working hours to help them to perform better during the day.
  • Leads to Better Cooperation and Collaboration Internally
    Once your workflow has been communicated visually to your team everyone will have a greater understanding of their role in the organisation which will enable employees to communicate more effectively and help to foster a collaborative working environment.
  • Continually Improve Effectiveness
    Whilst one of the main benefits of visualising your workflow with animated video is everyone can immediately be on the same page, it can also help everyone involved in your business to think more clearly about your processes to improve them over time.By creating a clear visualisation of your internal policies and distributing it to all relevant parties, you create an atmosphere that allows all members of staff to analyse the current way of working and suggest improvements.

If you’re wondering whether an animated video which visualises the workflow could be for your business, give us a call, we’d be happy to talk you through your questions and our ideas.