Well, colour me happy! Get the best from your video animation this year.

Well, colour me happy! Get the best from your video animation this year.

We like to think we’re well placed to offer advice on getting the best video animation for your business, our designers are tapped into global trends and techniques – including, colour. The psychology of colour is big, and certainly worth considering when creating an animated marketing video for your business. Today we’re looking to the giants of the industry, Pantone, for some advice.

Pantone tell us the colour of the year is Greenery. Also known as, PANTONE 15-0343.

Each year, Pantone, announce their ‘colour of the year’, they determine this by distilling all that is taking place culturally around the world; in essence they attempt to convey a global mood with colour. Now, it depends on your own personal perspective and political persuasions as to whether you consider this colour representative of your year, but that aside we kind of like it.

Why? Because it’s fresh and zesty, it evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew. “Greenery symbolizes the re-connection we seek with nature, one another and a larger purpose amid a complex social and political landscape,” say Pantone themselves.

If you’re looking for a right up to the minute video animation, we’d certainly recommend using this colour. But panic not, if you love the colour, but cannot envisage it complimenting your brand in any way, Pantone have put together a set of ten palettes that work with Greenery, so you can be sure your animations and design are bang on trend for 2017.

Take a look at Pantone’s website to see how they recommend using the colour of the year in your design, or get in touch with the DoodleDirect team, who can give you some ideas about colours, tones and suggestions for your animated marketing video.