We’re getting emotional; video animation that resonates

We’re getting emotional; video animation that resonates

Story-telling is age old. As humans we’ve been sharing stories since civilisation began, our stories are designed to teach, warn, explain (i.e. to be helpful) or to rouse, motivate, share ideas or create (i.e. to be inspiring).

It might, at first seem impossible to create an ‘emotionally relevant’ whiteboard explainer animation! But, stick with us, Emotion doesn’t mean emotional.

Emotion can be anything from joy to fear, anxiety to euphoria, happiness to sadness, trust or admiration, passion or longing and many many more. Typically, those marketing animations that trigger an emotion are those that see a higher ROI and conversion rate.

Research suggests that you need two things in your video marketing animation, firstly you must hold the audience captive; practically, this means, keeping you video short, under 2 minutes is ideal, refine, refine, and refine again when it comes to your script and understand your target audience, create your video for them.

Secondly, your animation must trigger an emotion strong enough to ensure your video resonates with your audience and compels them to take action. Practically, this takes experience, understanding audiences and being a great storyteller. This is where an animation company can help! Hint hint!

Here are some of great examples of animations that gave us all the feels.

1. Dumb Ways to Die

We’ve talked about this before, but it shouldn’t go unmentioned in this list. 140,000,000 views later, this video from Melbourne Metro saw a 30% reduction in “near-miss” accidents.

2. Paperman

Granted, this is more of a beautifully inspiring story than a how-to guide or an upfront sales video, but it aptly demonstrates the power of animation in connecting with individuals on a very personal level.

3. The Bear & the Hare

Would any list on marketing animation be complete without a John Lewis entry? The Bear & the Hare from Christmas 2013 certainly pulled on the heartstrings. Made from traditional 2D hand-drawn animation, stop frame and 3D model made sets this certainly had more than a few viewers in tears.

4. The Real Bears

This is a powerful animation which tells the ‘unhappy truth’ about sugary drinks. It is bold, and certainly hits home with audiences – whilst polarising opinion amongst viewers, it is a strong example of confident messaging and playing on emotional triggers.

Emotion is all about connecting with people, authenticity and knowing your audience are key factors in creating an animation that works for your business. But what about colour? Did you know that colour can be a very persuasive tool in reinforcing emotion. Join us next time when we’ll look at the psychology of colour in animation.