What is 2D Animation?

What is 2D Animation?

2D animation is one of the most commonly used forms of animation today, along with 3D animation and motion graphics.

To describe it as akin to the cartoons we watched as kids is simplifying the technique massively, and doing a disservice to the brilliant animators we work with everyday – but, you get the idea!

2D animation has been around for longer than you might think, since the late 19th century, and requires each frame to be drawn (by hand, or as is more common now, digitally) from what is effectively the same angle. Examples of well-known 2D animations are The Simpsons or Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

This is a super cool 2D animation advertising things to do in Portland, and let’s face it, you’d expect nothing less from the city that brought us Nirvana, the Dandy Warhols and has more microbreweries than any other city in the world. This does blend different types of animation, as there are clearly hand-drawn elements, but to all falls under the 2D ‘umbrella’ and we think it does a great job of conveying the ‘essence’ of Portland.

2D animation is often favoured by organisations who are looking to include characters in their animation – characters allow you to present different personalities and can help the audience to connect with the video more easily.

The video above demonstrates just how minimal your animation can be, whilst still being full of character. Read our post on minimal design here.

2D animation can also be a good choice for internal communications – think a training video or a safety presentation, we know that animation is far better received that a series of people talking to camera – and it’s much more likely to be remembered too.

Take a look at our portfolio to explore the types of animation we can create for your business, and if you want to talk more, get in touch!