What is whiteboard animation?

What is whiteboard animation?

A whiteboard animation, sometimes called a doodle-video, or whiteboard doodle, is effectively, a series of sketches that, are, usually…

  • develop in front of the viewer – sometimes appearing to be ‘hand-drawn’
  • on a white background
  • are minimal in colour, usually black and white, with perhaps one additional accent / brand colour
  • use a voiceover

This type of communication has grown in popularity over the last decade and are now widely used in marketing, communication and advertising.

Advantages of whiteboard animation

The advantages of using whiteboard animation for business are numerous.

First and foremost, video is considerably more engaging than written text alone. When it comes to whiteboards, simple images appear sequentially and accompanied by a professionally written script and/or voiceover, it’s content is much more likely to be retained by the viewer.

Secondly, they offer a way to clearly and concisely communicate a specific message, deliver instructions or talk through a strategy in a step-by-step, visual way. It’s the visuals that are important here; through images, we can communicate much more in a minute than we can simply by speaking.

Take this case study as a real-life manifestation of the two points above: Psychologist Professsor Richard Wiseman conducted a study whereby he asked 1,000 people to watch two different kinds of short films.

500 participants watched Film 1: was a person (aka a “talking head”) delivering information.

500 participants watched Film 2: a whiteboard animation with a voiceover delivering the same information.

The results? The majority of participants preferred the whiteboard animation, they were more willing to share it and they remember 15% more information that those who watched the “talking head” film.

Do whiteboard animations work?

Well, of course, it depends what you mean by “work”, but we do know that; they are more memorable, they are shared more widely, they drive sales, conversions and web traffic.

Take this explainer video by Dropbox, at the time, a unique and innovative product, that understandably needed some explanation to encourage sign ups.

This video increased conversion rates by some 3%.

Whiteboard animations can be used for a range of reasons, but typically we see clients using them to:

  • explain a new product or service to customers or potential customers
  • explain a strategy or plan to colleagues
  • to launch a new business, to make the case for investment into a new business

If you’re wondering whether whiteboard animation could be for your business, give us a call, we’d be happy to talk you through your options!