Fun and quirky whiteboard animation tailored entirely to your organisation for maximum viewer engagement

Whiteboard animations are fast drawn cartoon style videos that are ideal for marketing, advertising, product & service explainers and presentations. By entertaining your viewer with a hand drawn doodle created right in front of them, your message is communicated effectively and your call to action gets heard.

Ideal for businesses looking for a video marketing solution to fit their brand perfectly. Let our team of  illustrators and animators get to work to create the ultimate whiteboard animation for professional marketing, explainer and presentation purposes.


Whiteboard animation tells a story in a visually compelling way. It’s an informal, yet flexible style which can create an emotional connection with a viewer due to the visible human interaction and the fun, child-like nature of the video. Whiteboard animation works well for both B2B (Business To Business) and B2C (Business To Consumer) companies.

Uses include but are not limited to:

Embedding into your homepage to welcome customers to your website and introduce them to your business, products and services

Presenting complicated ideas or concepts and make them much easier to understand with visuals. A whiteboard video can also make things fun!

Raising funds by using your animated video on crowdfunding and digital donation platforms to convey your ideas, philosophy, mission, goals and achievements








Create Your Animation Package

Simply click the link below to visit our online ordering system and create the perfect animation package. For just £1000 you’ll automatically get:

A designated project manager

Full copy writing service if required

Professional voice over recording

Full 60 second animation production

Royalty free background music

Exclusive full colour illustrations designed specifically for your animation

Turnaround time of 15 working days

Unlimited revisions within 2 working days of receiving the first draft

Finalised animation in full 1080p HD

Then select from the following additional options:

Increase the length of your video – Have your animated video created at any length. Get a quote for up to 3 minutes (450 words) online or contact us for longer running times.

Include dynamic illustrations – Combine your whiteboard illustration with dynamic (moving) elements (i.e. clock spinning, rain falling etc)

Decrease turnaround time – Our turnaround time is 15 working days, decrease this to as little as 5 days online or contact us if you require your animation even faster!

Increase revision time – Increase the standard 2 days per edit point (total of 6 days revision time) to up to 6 days per edit point (total of 18 days revision time).

Submit Your Briefing

Here you can tell us as much or as little about your organisation as you would like, along with what you would like your whiteboard animation video to achieve (i.e. more sales, better understanding of my products and services etc). You can also detail any colours or fonts you might like to incorporate, and upload your logo or any other files (i.e. brand guidelines) specifically for your animation. The briefing form can be found on the pricing page.

Complete Your Deposit Payment

Once you have submitted your brief the DoodleDirect admin team will email you an invoice detailing your deposit payment from our parent company, Animaco Ltd. You can pay this invoice via direct bank transfer/BACS, online via debit/credit card with the WorldPay payment system (we’ll send you a secure link) or via Paypal. We can also take a payment over the phone, just give us a call on 0207 993 5735 and we’ll do the rest.

Meet Your Project Manager

Once your payment has cleared we’ll then introduce you to your designated project manager who will be on hand to assist you throughout the entire animation process.


We work with a team of experienced copywriters with a background in sales and marketing and using the information available in your briefing form (see step 1) we will work with you to either refine a script submitted by you, or have one of our writers create your copy from scratch. We will incorporate all of the information you have given us about your organisation/product/service along with researching a little about your industry ourselves. We’ll then tie the information and our research together with key messaging and a call to action for a really effective animation script.


Once you have signed off on the script we will have our illustrators and graphic designers create the individual frames of your animation in the form of a PDF storyboard (approximately 6 frames per 60 seconds). You can then feed back on the designs, refining the graphic elements to ensure that you’re happy with the look and feel of your animation. Once the storyboard has been signed off the DoodleDirect admin team will forward the invoice for the remaining 50% production payment.

Voice Over

With a confirmed animation script and storyboard, the accompanying voice over will be recorded by your chosen professional voice over artist in a studio setting for a high calibre result. Click here to listen to samples of our voices


We can now begin animating your video. Using the illustrations agreed in the storyboard we will build your animated video around your script, voice over and royalty free music to ensure that your message is communicated in the most engaging and effective way.

Feedback and Revisions

Once we have created a first version of your animation we will send it across to you for your feedback via a privately hosted video link. Here you can suggest any changes you might like to make to the animation – our design team will be on standby to make your edits. We’ll continue making as many revisions as you require for between 2 to 6 working days (depending on your chosen animation options) before finalising your animation.


Once you have signed off on the animation we will finalise and render the video file in full 1080p HD ready to deliver your polished animation via a download link for you to share with the world! Our standard delivery format is .mp4 however we can also offer the videos in a choice of alternative formats including .mov, .avi, .wav, .flv – just ask!

It’s time to shout about your new video – Send it, paste it, post it, share it & tweet it!