Why You Should Use Animated Video to Communicate Staff Policies and Benefits

Why You Should Use Animated Video to Communicate Staff Policies and Benefits

Whether you are training for entry-level positions or you are trying to communicate new policies to more senior members of staff, there are many occasions where you may find that animated video makes perfect sense.

For a business to reach its full potential all members of staff need to be on the same page and have access to the information required to be successful in their role.

A well-trained employee can operate 60% more efficiently than an untrained member of staff, so it is important to have all policies and benefits communicated as this will save time and create a more harmonious business in the long run.

  • Watching a video can be a lot quicker than skimming through the Employee Handbook or company training manual

If a new starter has a question about a specific policy, they may be handed a lengthy employee handbook or have access to a hard to navigate company intranet that makes it laborious for them to find the information they need.

With animated video, when an employee becomes stuck or doesn’t understand how a certain company process works they can easily revisit the training videos, instead of requiring refresher training or browsing through a lengthy employee handbook.

  • People prefer online communications over face-to-face meetings

Due to the way we have grown to ever-increasingly rely on the internet, the way people communicate has drastically shifted over the years.

Recent studies that show in most cases, people prefer online communication to face-to-face meetings which is especially true in millennials – anyone who was born from approx 1980 to approx 1998, meaning anyone in your workforce who is aged 20 to 38 years old, that’s a lot of people!

  • Animated Videos can provide more consistent results than training days

Staff orientation, for example, is one of those instances where it is important to remain consistent and provide each employee with standardised training materials required to help them adapt to their new role.

Companies with a strong onboarding process produce exponentially more productive employees. In fact, studies show that a consistent onboarding process can increase employee productivity by up to 50%.

With animated video, it is very easy to provide a consistent experience to each employee, which may not be possible in a group training session due to any differences in the way the training is conducted.

  • Animated video can increase information retention

It has been reported that 45-50% of training content can be forgotten by employees within a week. This is due to the fact that the human brain is designed to build proficiency in a skill through task repetition.

Animated video can also help to appeal to employees of different learning styles, and studies have also shown they are able to retain up to 80-85% of the content when tested one week later, almost double the level of retention provided by just audio alone.

Furthermore, as these videos can be stored online, employees are free to go back and access the material at any time.

  • Videos can be easier to track which employees have outdated information

Depending on the size of your company, if you replace the employee handbook with an animated video, you could make a significant saving on printing and distribution costs.

Additionally, if a company policy is to change in the future, it is much easier to update an animated video and send an email out to all staff than it would be to recall all of the old handbooks and redistribute them with the new information.

This means you can operate a much stricter version control when it comes to updating your staff policies, and ensure that no employee has access to any outdated or incorrect information.

One way this can be achieved is by implementing a tick box on the landing page of the video that the employee has to sign so that HR can keep a record of who has the correct documents.

Now you know how animated video can help communicate your staff policies and benefits, why not get in touch with the DoodleDirect team to collaborate on new ways to talk to your workforce.